Parents and teachers to improve the child's school performance

Parents and teachers to improve the child's school performance

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The area in which children with Learning Disorders (LD) tend to have the most difficulties is school, since it is when their complications when reading, writing or calculating are most perceived. Many times, the fact that they are not moving forward like their peers can cause these children even more frustration and nervousness, thus increasing their insecurity.

When this happens, it is easy for parents to perceive that the child becomes more easily frustrated, gives up, gets sad and nervous in front of tasks such as reading, writing or doing some math problem and, many times, does not want to go to classes of review. Faced with this situation, many parents feel the need to help their children in some way and, the vast majority, do not know where to start.

It is important to note that parents must support their child in school tasks in order to encourage him to overcome his difficulties, not solve them, and always following the teacher's instructions. Therefore, it is crucial that both parties work together for the welfare of the child, sharing their evolution at all times both at home and at school. Taking this into account, the tricks we give are focused on helping children to organize themselves, as is the case with this activity:

- 'Token Economy':This activity seeks to motivate the child to perform specific tasks every day as well as being a good way to establish a routine for them. To do this activity, parents must mark 4 tasks that are usually difficult for their child, for example, half an hour of reading aloud or completing 3 math activities, and they must offer them a prize for when they complete each one.It must be taken into account that the tasks that are asked of the child must be affordable for him and always in his benefit. With this, it is ensured that the child can do what is asked of him, avoiding frustration, and it is achieved that he himself perceives how he improves and gains confidence in what he does day after day. For this, it is very important that the rewards are things that the child likes and that they cannot always have, for example, play with the 'tablet' for 30 minutes.

In addition to this trick, if you want to specifically strengthen the capacities affected by some AT, from the center we propose these activities:

- For children with dyslexia or reading difficulties: a good way to help them isread with them for half an hour a day. The child should read aloud first, then read silently, and finally read aloud again. Parents should be with him at all times to reassure him and help him if he makes a mistake in a word and, once the reading is finished, it is important to ask the child to ensure that he has understood the story, for example: 'What is the name of the protagonist ?', 'Where have they gone?'; 'What has happened in history?'; 'How many people were there in the story?' Etc.

- For parents of children with writing difficulties: such as those with dysgraphia, a good option iswrite a story or a story, or even a letter to a friend or family member, with them. The idea is to write a small paragraph with the child every day, a fact that helps them improve and ensures that they spend time with their parents.

- When it comes to calculation problems: it is advisable to go shopping with the child, for example, and make the account of what is bought. It is a good idea to propose it as a game in which you compete against the parents, to motivate the child even more, and give him some reward when he wins.

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