False values ​​in children's stories

Surely this morning many of you have looked in the mirror to wash your face, brush your teeth, fix your hair, put on makeup, ... we all want to be and be beautiful, right? Who wants an "ugly duckling", or a "Beast"?

We all seek beauty since since we were little we have learned, through many channels, that beauty is related to happiness, kindness, success, and better acceptability by others. That is, for example, what some children's stories, movies and other children's animations teach, although something is changing.

In the face of ugliness, many behave with intolerance, with contempt, with bad judgment. We women, and mothers of girls, know a lot about it. Since we were little they always taught us that we should dress well, and have a good presentation. It has always been important to be beautiful. Looking in the mirror today, I was reminded of so many stories. I mainly remembered the children's stories. How many "stories" !, my mother.

Undoubtedly, the stories taught us really educational values ​​such as kindness, responsibility, commitment, solidarity ... However, some of them did a lot of harm, mainly to women. From a gender point of view, some stories preach machismo. I mean the princess who has to get pretty, in her silk dress, with her lipstick, her flawless hair, to await the arrival of her prince. The princesses, always beautiful, blonde, with light skin, were always passive, suffered, deceived, controlled, the victims, the 'poor girls', waiting for a prince to save them and marry her, and thus happiness would be eternal.

I believe that many stories imprisoned us for years in discriminatory contexts, with prejudices and racism. Why are the witches, the bad, the stupid, the mediocre, always ugly? Will ugliness be a determining profile of evil?

Maybe that's why I'm a fan of Shrek, the creepy-looking green ogre who has no choice but to live in solitude in a cabin in the middle of a forest, and for that reason becomes a hard, cold being , and that resists even to accept the friendship of a donkey. Love it! Shrek causes a change of mentality, makes us know the other side of ugliness, and proposes that beauty is not a determining factor for falling in love.

The world, people, values, change. The stories too. And despite the fact that some still resist valuing women and their rights, I believe that many families already have certain criteria when it comes to telling stories to their children. Your girls will surely have other perspectives and purposes in life than just being the 'woman or princess of'. If we want, we can be beautiful, but let it be first for our mirrors and our eyes.

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